Campaign Goals

A globally known household appliance manufacturer partnered with eBay with an intent to drive sales of new and refurbished products. eBay and the brand collaborated on an impactful campaign that helped drive a 300% lift in sales and gained repeat customers by leveraging the full suite of eBay’s tools.

Campaign Strategy

This campaign was designed to help the brand reach in-target audiences, take control of the channel, and influence shopping behavior to drive sales.

A custom branded storefront was created featuring top products and leveraging eBay’s Daily Deal Integration. Custom coupons and traffic drivers through eBay’s promotional and advertising solutions were other integral components of this campaign as they amplified the brand’s presence and were impactful with further promoting sales.

Campaign Tactics

Keyword Targeted Halo Unit
Leveraged a prominent custom Halo ad unit positioned at the top of browse and search results pages, appearing in categories against search results relevant to the top appliance manufacturer product.

Promoted Listings
Elevated items in search results, driving increased awareness.

IAB Keyword Targeting
Utilized keyword targeting across the site to extend reach and maximize conversion.


Click through ROAS

of store shoppers became repeat customers since launch

Users exposed to an ad were 4x more likely to convert than users not exposed to an ad

of purchases were by first-time buyers

view through ROAS rate

This resulted in a 300% lift in sales