Campaign Goals

Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger. They selected eBay to produce a Community Selling Campaign designed to raise awareness and funds for their organization and mission. The campaign encouraged people to sell items on eBay with a portion of proceeds benefiting Feeding America.

Campaign Strategy

A customized profile page was created on eBay, featuring details about the campaign and links to drive selling. A variety of promotional elements and social media support on eBay drove additional traffic to the charity page and increased visibility of the campaign.

Campaign Tactics

To maximize conversions, eBay used audience targeting to reach Sellers with high-performing ROS placements. Additionally, high impact ad units on Sign Out, My eBay, and Homepage were used to drive awareness and elevate their message.

Campaign Impact

Over 124,000 meals were provided through the Feeding America network with campaign-generated funds.


total impressions

7x more listings
On average, the eBay Seller segment listed 7x more new listings than the non targeted control group

increase in Sellers during campaign

132,060 listings generated
132,060 total listings generated and 444 total items sold

campaign CTR

total visits to the Feeding America landing page

“The impact of this campaign with eBay truly demonstrated the value of the platform, their audience targeting, and the Seller community. Reaching these dedicated supporters to raise more funds for our mission would not have been achievable through other means.”


Elizabeth Nielsen
SVP of Direct Marketing & Digital Engagement

Brand Impact

increase in consideration

increase in recognition

increase in brand preference

increase in advertising awareness