Campaign Goals

A major Technology brand leveraged eBay’s Preferred Programmatic solution to achieve full-funnel objects with its greater control and buying efficiencies.

Campaign Strategy

During the eBay Advanced Audience Technology beta period, we conducted an A/B test to determine just how much additional reach could be achieved and the impact of a more precise audience. Campaign A ran server-to-serve with eAAT, and campaign B ran through a DMP integration. Both PMP campaigns gave the brand access to benefits including price stability, inventory quality, dedicated customer support and eBay’s first-party real intent audience targeting.

Target Audience:

  • Brand specific in-market shoppers
  • Toner Printers in-market shoppers

Media Mix:

  • Cross-Device
  • Above the Fold (ATF) Placements

Campaign Results


increase in daily impressions

increase in CTR

increase in overall impressions


Going server-to-server and eliminating DMP match rates, increased campaign transparency, efficiencies, relevancy, and overall reach.

Realtime audience targeting based on first-session behaviors through eAAT increased campaign precision putting the brand’s message in front of an in-market at the moment of intent, not after. The premium audience targeting resulted in a more effective campaign.