Reach Qualified Financial Audiences with Real Intent Data

When it comes to digital advertising, today’s consumers expect companies to know their preferences on a very intimate level. In fact, according to a November 2018 report by  The Financial Brand, 74% of global consumers expect brands to treat them as an individual.

Brands have done a good job of aligning themselves with consumer lifestyles in their marketing efforts, thanks to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence driving more efficient data analysis.

However, there is more to be done around identifying real consumer intent. With the advent of eCommerce platforms and online transactions, advertisers no longer have to depend on content-based assumptions about whether or not a consumer intends to buy something. And, while they’ve gotten us much closer to true intent, 3rd party data providers don’t provide the transparency or robust set of intent signals that advertisers need to power successful campaign.

And that is something that eBay is uniquely positioned to help brands deliver on.

More than 106M unique shoppers come to eBay every month in a shopping state of mind and for one reason: to shop for what they love, what they need, and everything in-between.

Thanks to 107M hours of monthly shopping data and billions of first-party intent-based signals from our logged-in shoppers, eBay is an expert in understanding intent – real intent. Our team of data science experts are continuously analyzing keywords, categories and brands searched, in addition to the frequency of searches, purchases, number of days from initial search to purchase, etc. to inform strategic marketing strategies putting brands closer to their audience than ever.

With the perfect combination of scale and precision, eBay offers marketers the power to target the right audiences at the right moment in their shopping journey.

When it comes to financial service brands, eBay has the qualified audiences they’re looking for.2

  • 2M Retiree Investors 
  • 654K Financial Investors 
  • 3M Handy Homeowners

Their unique shopping habits tell us:

  • Brands are 3x more likely to reach Retiree Investors with a Business & Industrial category takeover.
  • Financial Institutions are 3x more likely to reach Financial Investors with a Fine Jewelry or Loose Diamonds & Gemstones category takeover.
  • You are 6x more likely to reach a Handy Homeowner on eBay with a Major Appliances category takeover.


These are just a sample of the unique audiences you can engage on eBay today. Looking for shop-alike audiences and or custom segments based on your unique business needs. eBay’s logged-in users and first-party real intent data makes it all possible.

It’s time to learn more about your consumers by the way they shop on eBay. Contact our sales team today!


  1. comScore Media Metrix, Multi-Platform, December 2019, US
  2. eBay First-Party Data, 1/1/19-10/31/19

Shorter Holiday Shopping Window…More Spend on Cyber Monday

This holiday shopping season brings a ton of conflicting predictions. The National Retail Federation said, “it expects holiday retail sales during November and December to increase between 3.8 percent and 4.2 percent over 2018 to a total of between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion.” On the other hand, Bank of America, “projected same-store sales to grow by 2.7% in the fourth quarter, down from 3.8% last holiday season.” So what’s with all the differentiating opinions? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that we will see a shorter selling season with five fewer days between Black Friday and Christmas compared to last year. 

A few days shorter…what’s the big deal? 

Five missed days for brands to connect with consumers may not seem like a big deal to the average person, but this reduction has marketers in a frenzy. In 2018, the number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas was 33. This year it is 27. With consumer spending in the two weeks leading up to Christmas in historical decline, marketers have less than two weeks (13 days) to reach their target audience. Thus making Black Friday and Cyber Monday higher stakes than ever before. According to comScore, “brands that fail to reach consumers early in the season may not be able to recover, possibly leading to holiday seasons that fall short of expectations.” 

Consumers rely on those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to knock out the bulk of their holiday shopping lists. In a study by Retail Me Not, 2018 saw consumers spending an average of $803 during the Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend, up from an average of $743 in 2017. There were more than 165 million Americans shopping either in stores or online, from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday in 2018.  [Source: National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, 2018]. eBay along saw 7B searches during the holiday season. This year, marketers will encounter a similar recurrence but need to reach these deal conscience shoppers quickly. 

The Ideal Holiday Season Kick-off Date 

Start your holiday campaigns too soon and you’ll be touted a Christmas Creep. Too late and you’ll miss a high volume of holiday spend. So what’s the sweet spot? The short answer…NOW. The holiday spirit begins to kick in as the leaves change colors for most Americans around the country. And while they may not be shopping for gifts just yet, they do want this cheer reflected in their homes. From November 1st to December 31st, on eBay alone, there is a 430% lift in Holiday and Seasonal Décor. Once their homes are decked out, shoppers move to making purchases for loved ones, co-workers, and themselves. What’s the best date to kick off those holiday campaigns you ask? This year November 25th through December 13th will play an important role in brands securing those major shopping holiday dollars. 

Make Your Marketing Dollars Work Smarter on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was a big day for eBay in 2018. The platform saw a: 

  • +27% lift in visitation
  • +39% lift in daily purchases
  • +15% lift in searches

How does this success translate to advertisers? The more visits, the more shopping data. Data is at the heart of who eBay is. Unlike marketplaces who only have access to credit card data or keep their insights in a walled garden, eBay provides brands with actionable data derived from an average of 109 MUVs [Source: Comscore, Dec 2018] during the holiday season. 

Take for instance those holiday and seasonal decor shoppers. eBay has made the people behind this 430% lift targetable to marketers, segmenting users who shopped for Christmas items within the last two years. This translates to over 6M Christmas Enthusiasts looking to deck their halls. Christmas Enthusiasts might have an item in mind but not always a brand. They’re coming to eBay to discover their version of holiday perfect and advertisers can be there to help. 

Whether you’re looking for a high impact brand awareness campaign or want to reach holiday shoppers with wallet in hand, if it’s happening during the holidays, it’s happening on eBay. To launch your next holiday campaign, talk to us here


If It’s Happening During the Holidays, It’s Happening on eBay

Fall isn’t simply the kickoff to pumpkin spice everything, falling leaves, and the MLB playoffs. It’s the time of year audiences start thinking about holiday travel, who’s hosting family traditions and what they’re planning to gift that special someone. The holiday season is here whether we’re ready or not, and if it’s happening during the holidays, it’s happening on eBay!

What do the holidays on eBay mean for you as a marketer? They mean being able to engage consumers in the holiday shopping mindset. eBay knows exactly how consumers browse, buy and sell thanks to first-party real intent data. We also know when they’re likely to begin their search – when brand influence can begin – by looking at search behaviors pre-and-post ad exposure. Real intent data drives real success for brands making eBay the perfect platform to engage consumers in the holiday spirit at scale. Here’s a glimpse into the holidays on eBay.

Don’t miss out on Holidays on eBay.  Click here to connect with the team!

Discover Your Shopping Style at Advertising Week New York

eBay Advertising is proud to be a major sponsor at this year’s Advertising Week in New York

The eBay Advertising team is setting up shop on level 2 of the AMC Lincoln Square and pulling back the curtain on the data behind our most active shoppers. Stop by and discover how your shopping behaviors compare and shop on us!

Join the Conversations!

Data informs, enables, and fuels billions of dollars in digital advertising. Our executives will be taking the stage to talk about the value of real intent-based data and engaging audiences where they shop.  Here’s a look at where we’ll be:

Monday, September 23

Wired Brand Storytellers
Story Crafters Stage

  • Suzy Deering, CMO, eBay  
  • Martha Boudreau EVP & Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, AARP
  • Alex Wallace, GM of News, Entertainment and Studios Verizon Media
  • Vikram Bhaskaran Global Head of Vertical Strategy and Marketing, Pinterest
  • Piper Goodspeed Executive Director, Partnerships, and Consulting Condé Nast (Moderator) 

Tuesday, September 24

Female Quotient: What’s the Purpose
Sugar Factory

  • Suzy Deering, CMO, eBay
  • Anjali Lai, Senior Analyst, Forrester
  • Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient (Moderator)

See Your Customer in 3D

Insights Drivers Stage

  • Parker Burgess, Head of Client Strategy & Insights, eBay Advertising
  • Betsy Rella, VP Data & Research, Interconnect
  • Bryson Gordon Executive Vice President, Advanced Advertising Viacom
  • Justin Evans Global Head of Analytics & Insights Samsung Ads
  • Andrea Zapata VP Data Innovation & Insights, Comcast Spotlight (Moderator)

Wednesday, September 25

Getting Ahead of the Data Curve

  • Suzy Deering, CMO, eBay 
  • Steve Carbone, CDO NA, MediaCom 
  • Randall Rothenberg, CEO, IAB 
  • Scott Kelliher, Head of Brand Advertising & Partnerships, eBay Advertising (Moderator)

Thursday, September 26


Why the Hottest New Digital Publishers aren’t Publishers At All

  • Scott Kelliher, Head of Brand Advertising & Partnerships, eBay Advertising 
  • Andrea Derby, Director, U.S. Advertising and Global Brand Management, UPS  
  • Alisha Wilmoth, Director Media Partnerships at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – ALSAC
    Chris Merrill, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Direct to Consumer, Synchrony 
  • Nicole Perrin, Principal Analyst, eMarketer (Moderator)


First Party Data & Walled Gardens

  • Scott Kelliher, Head of Brand Advertising & Partnerships, eBay Advertising
  • Daniel Sepulveda SVP, Policy and Advocacy, MediaMath
  • Ehud Furman, VP Data, Taboola
  • Iván Markman VP, Chief Business Officer, Verizon Media
  • Alison Pepper, SVP Gov Relations, 4A’s (Moderator)


We look forward to inspiring conversations and a little fun!  Don’t forget to stop by level 2 and find out what type of shopper you are and talk to a member of our team about leveraging our real intent data to engage audiences. 

Winning on eBay: A Marketer’s Guide

Whether you’re a major brand, a media agency, or an eBay seller, eBay’s data-driven advertising solutions will add significant value to your media plan. However, there are many factors that lead to a successful campaign so we’ve taken a deep dive into campaigns on eBay and compiled learnings in our new guide Winning on eBay: A Marketer’s Guide. Here’s a glimpse into the tips and tricks highlighted.

1. Define Your Goals – Clearly!

A no brainer right?   Clearly defined goals are a MUST for all campaigns but not always addressed upfront. Whether you’re looking to drive brand lift, generate leads or encourage brand switching, clear campaign goals are the key. In a recent AdExchanger column, Simone Chaffiotte, vice president and director of audience strategy at Carat USA stated, “A critical component of a valuable consumer strategy is a clear alignment on who will drive the brand and business.” The guide outlines some of the key discussion topics that need to take place upfront.

2. Effective Creative

eBay takes its visual presence seriously – like really seriously. The wrong copy, visual design or image can negatively affect a campaign’s performance. Have a special offer?  Dollar offers perform better than percent offers on eBay. Read up on a number of performance-based creative best practices in Winning on eBay: A Marketer’s Guide.   

3. Engaging Your Target Audience 

The Millennial Mom spends an average of 10 minutes per shopping session on eBay and shops for books and dolls most often. Sound like a Mom you know? It’s because 80% of our users are persistently logged in that we’re able to collect millions of shopper signals like this daily.  Have an audience you’re trying to reach? We’re activating our first-party shopper signals to drive efficiency and campaign success for brands.  

4. New Tactics

As digital advertising evolves, so do marketing tactics. From behavioral to contextual targeting, we’re being more strategic with our brand and agency partners to achieve goals up and down the funnel with turnkey and custom solutions.

We need to understand our clients’ needs and better communicate and customize the solutions that will drive their success. – Scott Kelliher, eBay Advertising Head of Brand and Advertising Partnerships

5. The eBay Pixel 

A conversion pixel allows brands to track the moment of exposure to the completion of the intended action. The implementation of a pixel placement allowed a leading car insurance brand to track the full customer journey and exceed CPA goals by 8%. They also saw significant improvements in engagement and performance, but you’ll have to download the guide to learn more. 

What are you waiting for? Download Winning on eBay: A Marketer’s Guide for access to exclusive case studies and best practices to set your next campaign up for success.


eBay is open for business: A conversation with Scott Kelliher

There’s no denying the rapid growth in the eCommerce space. With the proliferation of eCommerce specific agencies, a deeper understanding of shopper behavior, and an explosion of new opportunities, an eCommerce strategy is top-of-mind for many marketers today. And at such a transformative time, we’re excited to welcome Scott Kelliher to the eBay team as our new Head of Brand Advertising & Partnerships. Prior to eBay, Scott held Sales & Marketing leadership positions with several digital media companies, including Time Inc., Yahoo, and AOL.

We sat down with Scott to get his take on the state of eCommerce, what gets him excited about his new gig, and how working for eBay is turning him into a sneakerhead. 

Scott, we’re so happy you joined the team. Can you let us know a little bit more about how you landed at eBay?

Most recently, I worked with premium content at Time Inc., helping transform their globally recognized brands for the digital and programmatic space. When I had a chance to sit back and reflect on what I wanted to do next, I realized what was missing and what I wanted to go back to was data – and truly unique data at that. 

This is what really moved me to join eBay – the enormous logged-in user base and the massive amounts of shopper data eBay sits on. eBay knows what customers are buying, how they like to buy, and what triggers them to buy.

How do you see eBay adding value to brands? 

Once a brand understands what data signals allow them to really understand how their customers buy, they can truly be effective. And because our users are consistently logged-in, these signals are always firing. We can provide our partners with a quantifiable understanding of how people shop. And knowing how to leverage that data to inform campaign strategy is a massive game changer. 

Innovation means different things to different people. What does it mean to eBay Advertising? 

For me, the word innovation in media is one of those terms that leads to a lot of products and tools that don’t necessarily move an advertisers’ needle. People may invest in the new and better widget or mouse trap but that often comes at a great cost. eBay’s ability to get a true understanding of the heart and soul of people and how they work is what is truly innovative. It’s also really cool for a data geek like me.

What would you say differentiates eBay from other eCommerce marketplaces? 

eBay is a true marketplace – we don’t own any inventory and never compete with our sellers. We also have a massive range of products on the platform – everything from cars to home decor. And we know how users shop for these items. We know how long users are researching and how many items and brands they’re considering. We know if they’re impulse shopping or making a considered purchase. All of these data points are key for advertisers looking to understand the purchase journey of their individual customers, and the consumers that are most likely to purchase their products for the first time. 

Knowing the behavioral patterns that lead to this first purchase is what gets me all fired up. There’s a huge range of products on eBay, from Teslas to Yeezy sneakers to Cartier diamonds. The purchase cycle for a car is extremely different than the purchase cycle of a pair of sneakers.  Think about the last time you bought a car. You might have had a few makes and models in mind, but you probably spent time doing your homework on safety, the newest in infotainment systems, and whether or not you wanted to go electric. You probably wouldn’t spend as much time researching shoes as you would a car. Although some might beg to differ with me. Being able to understand that difference and how shoppers evolve throughout their journey on eBay is extremely valuable.  

What are your top priorities? 

Our main priority is to spend more time with our brand and agency partners. I think people really underestimate the wealth of shopper data we have, our scale, and what it means for their brands.  We have unique assets that no one else can offer. We need to understand our clients’ needs and better communicate and customize the solutions that will drive their success. eBay is open for business and we are excited to build solutions that help our partners meet their goals. 

eBay continues to be a pioneer, innovating and personalizing the shopper experience. What do you think has contributed to eBay’s success?

Devin Wenig said it best. He said, “eBay empowers people and creates economic opportunity. We play a positive role in people’s lives.” That is why eBay continues to be one of the most powerful brands in the world. It’s an open, diverse, and unbiased marketplace; we don’t tip the scales in any way. And on top of that, you can find anything on eBay and usually for less money than other marketplaces. No matter what side you are on, buyer, seller or brand, we bring value to everyone.

Now for the fun stuff.  Tell us about your latest eBay shopping experience. 

I bought these sneakers the other day and love them. But more than anything, I loved my shopping experience. The sneakers are brand new, and I got them for less than they’re available at the manufacturer’s website, and with free shipping and returns.

A big thanks to Scott for his time and perspective on our business. It really is an exciting time to be in eCommerce and at eBay! 

eBay’s massive audience of highly-engaged shoppers is the perfect combination of scale and precision for advertisers. Scott and his team are ready to listen and learn about your business needs. To connect with Scott and the eBay Advertising team click here. 


Buzz-worthy Moments Lead to Massive Reach on eBay

July has become the new November thanks to commerce-fueled can’t miss deals on the hottest items of the season.  From daily, weekly to month-long sales, consumers are lining up in high-demand to take advantage.  For brands, this means accessing the widest possible shopping audience in one place. Benefit from increased site traffic, massive shopper engagement, and buzz-worthy moments on eBay.  Thinking about taking advantage of all the excitement?  Align with these key search categories and purchases to engage consumers at scale and drive intent.


Be part of the new November with high impact advertising placements and shopper data-driven marketing on eBay.   Contact our ad sales team today to learn more.


eBay: Consumers Powered by Passion

Many online marketplaces have simply become a place to buy essentials. But where’s the fun in that? While we need easy access to toilet paper and passionfruit La Croix, consumers also shop based on their passions. Take for instance, Star Wars Day, May the 4th. What began as a pun has evolved into an opportunity for fans of the franchise to connect with a larger Star Wars community. On eBay alone, there are 355K daily visits to the Star Wars page with six Star Wars purchases every minute 1. When it comes to what defines us, our interests play a strong part in how our world view is formed. Brands are taking note and are seeking more interest-based targeting opportunities in their campaigns.

Essentials are important, but passions drive engagement

Even if you’re not one of eBay’s 180 million active buyers 2, you may have found yourself on the platform looking for that special something you couldn’t find elsewhere. That something likely represented a personal passion point. Though a movie like Star Wars may seem uninteresting to some, many people have a visceral love of the franchise. The same can be said for a series like Game of Thrones (GOT). On eBay, searches for a GOT by MAC makeup pallette are currently trending as the show is in its final season. Equally, sports conjures the same level of fandom as popular media, if not more. Since Tiger Woods’ triumphant comeback at this year’s Masters, his go-to Newport 2 putters made by Scotty Cameron, have maintained a trending spot on eBay.

Improving your brand’s relationship with consumers

Like any relationship, surface level connections aren’t the best foundation for success. While age and household income are important data points, it helps to know what the person you’re trying to reach is interested in. eBay deeply understands what interests their users. They know that the same person shopping for Star Wars memorabilia is a parent who may share this bit of nostalgia with their children.

This deep level of interest based data captured from both contextual and behavioral insights coupled with demographics, allows advertisers to take a more personalized and humanistic approach to advertising. As other platforms attempt to roll out interest based advertising 3, eBay is proud to be one of the first to implement the approach.

Ready to lean into our users’ interests? Connect with our ad sales team.


Post Tax Season Travel is on eBay

Punxsutawney Phil couldn’t find his shadow. As legend has it, that means spring will arrive early this year. But with blooming tulips also comes tax day.

Your Refund Status

Lower than anticipated tax refunds have been reported so far this year1. Nevertheless, US taxpayers are still receiving a bit of relief from Uncle Sam. While most Americans plan to save the extra cash or use it to pay down debt, some plan to use the money for travel. Of the 65 percent of taxpayers with refunds in 2018, 12 percent used the money for a vacation 2.

That’s close to 11 million Americans looking to shell out some cash for a well deserved getaway.


Travel Enthusiasts are on eBay

Someone once said, “travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” It is something that requires passion, an attribute that you will find in many of eBay’s customers. The digital travel industry is expected to increase four percent in 2019 for a total of $208.44 billion spent 3. Digital travel includes flight purchases, car rentals, cruise bookings, hotel reservations, other accommodations and transportation. If your brand represents any one of those categories, advertising on eBay will expand your reach to a highly engaged audience.

Overall, eBay connects with 19M travel shoppers 4 who are in the transactional mindset. Everyone from the family vacationer to the luxury adventurer, comes to eBay to find the latest and greatest products and experiences.

In market travelers who booked online in the last 6 months on eBay included the following vacation types:

Booking in March for Summer

eBay recently conducted a survey to better understand their customers’ travel habits. In the last six months, eBay shoppers have booked a hotel (48%) and/or booked a flight (41%). Customers use the platform to outfit their next vacation, searching for everything to meet their travel needs from bathing suits to camping gear and luggage.

In line with tax season, March is the peak time travelers purchase items 5. And because 62% of eBay shoppers plan to travel in the next 3-6 months 6, brands should be launching campaigns now. If you don’t have your creative and media strategies ready to go, but still want to capitalize on the unique qualities of the eBay travel shopper, don’t fret. With advanced data tools and white glove assistance, eBay’s advertising team is here to guide you through your next travel campaign.

Ready to hit the road with eBay travelers? Contact our ad sales team.