‘Tis the Season for Holiday Giving

Since 2001, eBay has called upon the generosity of its broad online community to raise funds for nonprofit organizations. In November 2019, eBay for Charity reached a major milestone: $1 billion in total funds raised for charities. And to date, eBay for Charity works with more than 83,500 registered global charities, enabling $211 every minute in charity funding by eBay buyers and sellers. While other major eCommerce players function more and more like shopping utilities, eBay continues to be a platform built on trust, making it a powerful tool for fundraising. Whether you’re a charity or a major corporation, aligning your brand with eBay demonstrates a dedication to the spirit of giving this holiday season. 

Values-Driven Shopping 

The connection between brands and the personal lives of their consumers has become more intertwined. As a result, consumers are growing more concerned with the values represented by the companies they support. According to Forbes, “millennials have the highest expectations for brands to take a stand on values.” In fact, their latest Consumer Technographics report confirms nearly seven in 10 US Millennials consider company values when making a purchase. And it’s not just millennials that want to support ethical brands. Generation Xers (those born between 1960 and 1980) explicitly evaluated company values during a purchase. As we move into the winter holidays, media campaigns can highlight their core values both in the creative they produce and the platforms they advertise on. 

eBay for Charity: A Brief Case Study 

Integrated into eBay’s regular buying and selling platform, eBay for Charity makes it easy for people to support important causes. It enables sellers to donate a portion of their sales and buyers to shop while supporting their favorite charities — all the while giving nonprofits an opportunity to engage new supporters.

With a large community of compassionate shoppers in the mindset to donate during the holiday season, eBay is a natural fit for any charity looking to ramp up fundraising in Q4. For instance, during the 2018 holiday season, eBay partnered with a major non-profit organization to help them achieve their holiday fundraising goals.

With a 180 million active buyers (Source: eBay Fast Facts; 3/31/2019), the two-month campaign on eBay leveraged custom, first-party audience targeting and high impact, textual targeting leading into the holiday season. 

On and Off eBay Audiences Targeted included:

  • Charitable Audiences
  • Compassionate Shoppers
  • Shop-Alike Audiences

Tactics Included: 

  • Checkout placements
  • Homepage targeting
  • Giving Tuesday takeover


eBay Compassionate Shoppers were 5x more likely to be a donor than the average eBay shopper. Return on ad spend on the Compassionate Shopper was 3x higher than the overall ROAS goal. Ultimately the campaign was a success raising more than $100k.

Non-profits aren’t the only ones leading fundraising efforts. Celebrities like Miranda Lambert are using the platform to auction off items like clothing and home goods to raise money for organizations they love. As Giving Tuesday approaches, eBay is proud of the over $1 billion raised and continues its commitment to growing that figure in the years to come.

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Photo: Brenda Halkias, General Manager, eBay for Charity © 2019 CAREY WAGNER

eBay was the #1 Media Partner for a Top Auto Dealer

According to the Cox Automotive report, 83% percent of car shoppers are ready to take at least one step toward their purchase online before entering the dealership.” They’re researching brands, comparing prices between new and certified pre-owned, and looking at color samples, and pictures of engines.

When you think of how people shop on eBay, you may not immediately think about automotive searches and purchases. There are over 10M daily auto searches on eBay and 7.3M monthly unique visitors on eBay Motors alone2. eBay knows the makes, models, auto parts, and accessories consumers are searching for. And unlike many publishers and eCommerce sites, eBay is transparent with its data, truly making it actionable and effective for brands.

Here’s a look at how eBay drove success for a top Tier 2 automotive group:

Campaign Goals
The Tier 2 automotive group turned to eBay to leverage its massive audience and first-party data to drive high-quality leads to their website where shoppers could learn more about inventory, pricing, and special offers.

Campaign Tactics
eBay ran high-impact placements across eBay, eBay Motors, and My eBay and layered on demographic, behavioral and contextual targeting. Deep insights into 107M hours of monthly shopper data and unique tools like eBay Motors’ “My Garage” where users submit their car year, make, model and trim are what set the campaign up for success.

Campaign Impact: Real Intent Drives Real Success

By leveraging the power of eBay’s data to reach the right shopper in the right context, the campaign outperformed the CPA goal by 25%3

Among the other publishers running the campaign, eBay was the #1 top performer beating out 5 automotive endemic sites

Align Your Automotive Brand with eBay Shoppers 

There really isn’t another eCommerce platform in the market with such a detailed history of its users’ purchasing and discovery behavior. Whether you represent an insurance brand or auto manufacturer, it’s data points like these that help to ensure you’re reaching the right audience. 

Check out eBay’s success stories to learn about how advertisers use eBay Ads to grow their business—from brand awareness to increased sales. And to kick off your next automotive campaign, connect with our sales teams to learn more. 


1. eBay first-party data, Dec 2017- Nov 2018
2. comScore Key Measures, Multi-platform, Oct. 2018
3. eBay first-party data. Q4 2018

“Retail is Dead” & Other Myths Brands are Tired of Hearing

Myth 1: Retail is Dead

It’s hard to walk in New York or Los Angeles without spotting a vacant storefront. This, coupled with recent headlines have done little to dispel the myth that retail is dead. Adding to the hysteria, was the heavily publicized downfall of Toys “R” Us last year. However, retail is not dead; it is evolving.  

In 2018, the CMO Council, in partnership with eBay, conducted an online audit of brands like LEGO, Fruit of the Loom, Bosch, Serta, PUMA, Lenovo and Electrolux.  According to more than half of survey respondents, retail is being reinvented thanks in part to global eCommerce communities like eBay. But while these communities are revolutionizing retail, they are also forcing the brand marketers to rethink their own evolution across all channels and touchpoints. 1.

While advertising on eCommerce platforms can drive foot traffic to brick and mortar stores as well as brand sites, it requires strategic thinking. With the appropriate use of data, brands can effectively target consumers, which brings us to Myth #2.

Myth 2: Consumers Think Personalization is Creepy

Retailers are reinventing their online experience through customer personalization. When a customer visits a website, they can be targeted using search data and other key data points. However, some find this level of personalization off putting. While there is definitely a fine line between customized and creepy, not all personalization has to make a consumer feel like they are being followed.

According to MarTech, “It is actually reported that 67 percent of consumers prefer brands to automatically adjust content based on their current context; with 83 percent of consumers willing to share their personal information in exchange for a more relevant experience. When brands fail to be relevant, a striking 42 percent of shoppers will get annoyed and an alarming 66 percent would stop from making a purchase.” 2. With 900+ audiences, eBay can deliver highly segmented campaigns to reach the right people. However, this type of data mining requires artificial intelligence which can be met with apprehension and brings us to Myth #3.

Myth 3: AI = Dehumanization

Let’s make this clear, artificial intelligence (AI) does NOT compromise the consumer experience. In fact, every time a user interacts with a marketplace, AI learns and provides feedback. AI touches every page on eBay. It is woven into all aspects of the eBay marketplace, anticipating the needs and wants of buyers and sellers, inspiring shoppers on the hunt for something special, and making the platform more accessible to everyone.

eBay uses AI to provide structure in a non-structured world made up of millions of buyers and sellers across 190 markets, interacting with 1.2 billion listings. Every time a user interacts with the marketplace, the AI learns and provides feedback. This information creates more opportunities for advertisers looking to connect with eBay’s 900+ unique audiences. 3As we approach 2020, brands and agencies must ensure their partners are innovating to meet customer demand for personalization. 

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Reebok Doubles Sales with Promoted Listings Insight

Want your listings to stand out? Promoted Listings help increase your visibility, so your sales (and profits) can grow.

Promoted Listings is a high impact advertising service that allows your items to get more visibility in search results and other prominent placements on eBay.

Since starting to promote their listings in May 2018, Reebok saw a 142% increase in their sales.

To promote your own listings, use the ‘sell it faster’ option. Simply check the box, choose an ad rate, and add your listing to an existing campaign, or start a new one. Best of all, there is little risk: you are only charged if the item sells through Promoted Listings.

“Since November 1st, we have done $147K in sales on $9.4K in ad fees,” said Kenneth Hanson, Digital Marketplace Manager, Reebok. This represents a 1400+% in ROI.

The key to Reebok’s success is focus and competitive pricing.

“We focus on higher inventory items and multi-quantity skus,” said Hanson. “During the holiday season, we increased the inventory threshold, so that we would only be focusing on our highest inventory items.”

Learn more about Promoted Listings here and get the most return on your sales now.

Love. It’s happening on eBay

It’s time to shop for those you love as we celebrate the holiday of love. Everyone from the Last Minute Lover to the Romantic at Heart are shopping for that perfect gift on eBay this time of year. Learn more about who are Valentine’s Day Shoppers are and what they’re shopping for.

Love. It's happening on eBay. Infographic

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eBay on the Pulse

If it’s happening in the world, it’s happening on eBay. Movie releases, video game drops and cultural moments are all felt on eBay instantly. We have engaged audiences who find more of what they’re passionate about on our platform. Learn more about how eBay is on the pulse of what’s trending.

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Why CPG Items are Flying Off the Shelves on eBay

It’s hard to believe that less than a generation ago, nearly all consumer-packaged goods (CPG) were purchased in stores. While many shoppers still turn to brick-and-mortar convenience and grocery stores, an increasing number are purchasing CPG items online.

In a survey conducted by Periscope by McKinsey, over 70% of U.S. respondents reported having purchased CPG products online. Beauty and personal care, cleaning supplies and coffee, tea and snacks were among the most popular overall categories of CPG products, with at least a quarter of total purchases in these categories happening online.

This behavior is seen across demographics—users of different ages, genders, income levels and parental or marital statuses shop online for CPG items nearly evenly. These shoppers are motivated by the pragmatic advantages of online shopping: convenience, price, availability and delivery.

To stay relevant, CPG brands must evolve how they reach shoppers. Here’s why a growing number of brands are turning to sites like eBay:

  1. eBay shoppers search for and purchase basic CPG items regularly. About 1,000 CPG items are searched every hour on eBay, and the demand is especially high among our top categories: one coffee-related item is searched every 6 seconds, one candy-related item is searched every 5 seconds and one home cleaning item is searched every 2 seconds.
  2. eBay shoppers spend time browsing for CPG items. While many CPG shoppers log on knowing which products they need, they still browse on eBay for an average of 14 minutes before making a purchase. This creates an opportunity for brands to reach the consumer multiple times in their shopper journey.
  3. Because CPG items tend to be disposable, everyday items, shoppers return to eBay. This creates a growing community of loyal customers for brands to reach.

CPG advertisers looking to generate brand awareness on eBay can activate high-impact ad placements including an instream video solution, pairing the engagement of video with the power of eBay’s shopper data.  These placements create an engaging, memorable experience for shoppers, driving brand lift, awareness and ultimately in-store purchases.

Advertisers can also find unique ways to reach the growing online CPG market with eBay’s audience insights and over 700 pre-defined audience segments. For example, eBay’s CPG shoppers are a surprisingly creative audience. They are 5.9 times more likely to purchase art and photographs, 7.5 times more likely to purchase cookbooks and 7.9 times more likely to purchase arts and crafts than the average eBay shopper. Insights like these can help advertisers reach new, qualified audiences at scale.

eBay’s rich market share data can help advertisers understand where to target shoppers along the user journey. For example, although CPG purchases tend to be for everyday items, the shopper journey is relatively long. On average, users purchase items 15 days and three sessions after they first viewed them. This longer journey provides multiple touchpoints for brands to reach users before they make their purchase.

eBay’s advertising platform allows brands to keep pace with the increasingly digital market of CPG shopping. To utilize eBay’s scale and insight to connect with your key audiences, contact our ad sales team.

Smartphones Are Siri-ously Popular on eBay

eBay has a tech savvy audiences who love their smartphones, a lot. Telco shoppers come to eBay for all their smartphone needs and spend a lot of time researching and comparing products making it a perfect place for brands to reach these engaged audiences. Learn more about what they’re shopping behaviors are in this infographic.

Spotlighting eBay’s Star Entertainment Audiences

If it’s happening on the big screen, red carpet or in the comic books, then it’s happening on eBay. Shoppers go to eBay to find more of what they love, and this year they loved all things entertainment. Learn more about the Entertainment Shopper trends that happened on eBay in 2018.