Improving Your Cross-Device Strategy with eBay

The term cross-device has become so ubiquitous, it has lost its meaning. We’ve known that users move between several devices. Given this, then why is mCommerce’s pace still lacking? Despite increased mobile usage, desktop and tablets still serve as primary screens for eCommerce transactions.

Americans are still reluctant to buy on mobile

Today, the majority of Americans (77%) own a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011 1. However, as spend on mobile increases, many Americans have yet to fully embrace smartphone transactions. Smartphones’ share of US online retail sales accounted for a little over a third of all eCommerce sales in Q3 2018 2. Americans cite a lack of security as a main concern preventing them from adopting mobile payments. According to a GFK study 3, more than half of US internet users were worried about the security of their personal information in 2018. 

Mobile=Discovery; Desktop=Transactions

Marketers are at a crossroads. They know mobile usage has grown at a fast pace, but they also understand that consumers may feel uncomfortable transacting on a pocket-sized device. 

There is no denying that mobile devices hold a great amount of influence but this doesn’t always equate to conversion. “A large part of desktops’ relevancy can be traced to innovations like browser extensions because it adds convenience to users’ shopping journey.” 4

Online users are accessing multiple browsers on multiple devices. Extracting meaningful data from such a fragmented journey can be difficult. To be effective, marketers must connect their data dots with that of their media partners.

eBay Data Delivers

Brands should leverage platforms, like eBay, that can provide a logged-in user base. This allows for deterministic audience tracking and targeting, to ensure the right ad is served to the right user at the right time. For instance, the average eBay user looking to buy a smartphone goes through 28 days of consideration. They touch 35 categories, utilizing both mobile and desktop throughout5. These varied touch points present a complete picture for telco brands thereby increasing the possibility for high engagement. 

While eBay’s roots began in desktop and is currently listed as comScore’s Top 25 Desktop Properties 6, there is growth in its mobile product. 62% of transactions on eBay involve a mobile touchpoint. eBay’s suite of advertising products are there to provide a holistic approach — from awareness down to bottom-of-the-funnel marketing. 

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Handy Homeowners are on eBay

Purchasing a home is both exciting and stressful. Whether remodeling an older home or saving up for unexpected repairs, Americans are spending an average of $6,649 a year on home improvements 1. Purchases as emotional as personalizing one’s home need a platform meant for discovery to fuel decision-making. Read on to learn how eBay reaches the handy homeowner and what it means for your brand.

Meet Hank, the Handy Homeowner

Millennials, those between the ages of 23 and 38 2, plan to spend as much or more on home improvements in the coming 12 months as they did in 2018 3. Take Hank for instance, eBay’s Handy Homeowner persona. He is an older millennial and a foodie. Hank shops on eBay for the latest kitchen appliances and smart home technology. Hank and millennials like him, want to make the most of their home without breaking the bank. And they want to connect with brands who understand that as new homeowners, they don’t have decades worth of savings to make home improvements. 

There are 2.7 million handy homeowners on eBay 4. Handy homeowners prefer dirtying their hands during the renovation process as compared to their baby boomer parents.

“Most millennials have had to compromise on the size and condition of their starter homes, with many purchasing older homes in need of repair just to be able to afford homeownership.” – Home Advisor True Cost Report 5

Home restoration related products are purchased on eBay every second. With spring just a few days away, eBay receives an 81% increase in “Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living” purchases.

Home Improvement in an Omnichannel World

Retailers are relying on an omnichannel approach to reach their target audience. From brick and mortar marketing tactics to building compelling stories on social media, brands want to create a continuous experience for their customers. This also extends to the platforms they choose to advertise on.

Effective continuity can only be achieved on platforms with high engagement. Most e-commerce platforms are far too transactional to inspire shoppers. Shoppers log in to fulfill their everyday shopping needs and log out once their cart is completed.

eBay owns the inspired marketplace with shoppers spending 34% longer on eBay than on Amazon (9.1 min vs 6.8 min) 6.

Shoppers go past the initial page to discover more. To capitalize on the powerful connection people have with their homes, brands must link emotional creative with inspired marketplaces. The more engaged the shopper, the more connected they will feel to brands that are integrated on the platforms they are on.

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Reebok Doubles Sales with Promoted Listings Insight

Want your listings to stand out? Promoted Listings help increase your visibility, so your sales (and profits) can grow.

Promoted Listings is a high impact advertising service that allows your items to get more visibility in search results and other prominent placements on eBay.

Since starting to promote their listings in May 2018, Reebok saw a 142% increase in their sales.

To promote your own listings, use the ‘sell it faster’ option. Simply check the box, choose an ad rate, and add your listing to an existing campaign, or start a new one. Best of all, there is little risk: you are only charged if the item sells through Promoted Listings.

“Since November 1st, we have done $147K in sales on $9.4K in ad fees,” said Kenneth Hanson, Digital Marketplace Manager, Reebok. This represents a 1400+% in ROI.

The key to Reebok’s success is focus and competitive pricing.

“We focus on higher inventory items and multi-quantity skus,” said Hanson. “During the holiday season, we increased the inventory threshold, so that we would only be focusing on our highest inventory items.”

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eBay on the Pulse

If it’s happening in the world, it’s happening on eBay. Movie releases, video game drops and cultural moments are all felt on eBay instantly. We have engaged audiences who find more of what they’re passionate about on our platform. Learn more about how eBay is on the pulse of what’s trending.

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Why CPG Items are Flying Off the Shelves on eBay

It’s hard to believe that less than a generation ago, nearly all consumer-packaged goods (CPG) were purchased in stores. While many shoppers still turn to brick-and-mortar convenience and grocery stores, an increasing number are purchasing CPG items online.

In a survey conducted by Periscope by McKinsey, over 70% of U.S. respondents reported having purchased CPG products online. Beauty and personal care, cleaning supplies and coffee, tea and snacks were among the most popular overall categories of CPG products, with at least a quarter of total purchases in these categories happening online.

This behavior is seen across demographics—users of different ages, genders, income levels and parental or marital statuses shop online for CPG items nearly evenly. These shoppers are motivated by the pragmatic advantages of online shopping: convenience, price, availability and delivery.

To stay relevant, CPG brands must evolve how they reach shoppers. Here’s why a growing number of brands are turning to sites like eBay:

  1. eBay shoppers search for and purchase basic CPG items regularly. About 1,000 CPG items are searched every hour on eBay, and the demand is especially high among our top categories: one coffee-related item is searched every 6 seconds, one candy-related item is searched every 5 seconds and one home cleaning item is searched every 2 seconds.
  2. eBay shoppers spend time browsing for CPG items. While many CPG shoppers log on knowing which products they need, they still browse on eBay for an average of 14 minutes before making a purchase. This creates an opportunity for brands to reach the consumer multiple times in their shopper journey.
  3. Because CPG items tend to be disposable, everyday items, shoppers return to eBay. This creates a growing community of loyal customers for brands to reach.

CPG advertisers looking to generate brand awareness on eBay can activate high-impact ad placements including an instream video solution, pairing the engagement of video with the power of eBay’s shopper data.  These placements create an engaging, memorable experience for shoppers, driving brand lift, awareness and ultimately in-store purchases.

Advertisers can also find unique ways to reach the growing online CPG market with eBay’s audience insights and over 700 pre-defined audience segments. For example, eBay’s CPG shoppers are a surprisingly creative audience. They are 5.9 times more likely to purchase art and photographs, 7.5 times more likely to purchase cookbooks and 7.9 times more likely to purchase arts and crafts than the average eBay shopper. Insights like these can help advertisers reach new, qualified audiences at scale.

eBay’s rich market share data can help advertisers understand where to target shoppers along the user journey. For example, although CPG purchases tend to be for everyday items, the shopper journey is relatively long. On average, users purchase items 15 days and three sessions after they first viewed them. This longer journey provides multiple touchpoints for brands to reach users before they make their purchase.

eBay’s advertising platform allows brands to keep pace with the increasingly digital market of CPG shopping. To utilize eBay’s scale and insight to connect with your key audiences, contact our ad sales team.

Get Your Items Noticed This Holiday Season with Promoted Listings

Did you know that 3.2 million searches happen on eBay during the holiday season[1]? Or that traffic to eBay jumps 26% during that same period.[2]

With all that searching and shopping, how can your items stand out? The holidays are the perfect time to use Promoted Listings to make sure your items show up front-and-center for the right buyer.

Promoted Listings is a high impact advertising service that allows your items to get more visibility in search results and other prominent placements on eBay. Simply select the items you want to promote and choose an ad rate, a percentage of your final sale price you are willing to pay should the item sell through Promoted Listings. Best of all, there is little risk: you are only charged if the item sells through Promoted Listings.

Now, just in time for the holidays, we’ve made two improvements to Promoted Listings. Now you can promote your items while you list them and see which items sold via Promoted Listings all within Seller Hub.

Promote your items while you list them

Designed to make using Promoted Listings faster and easier, now you can promote your items as you list them. At the bottom of your listing form, you’ll see ‘Sell it Faster’ section where you can choose your ad rate and add your item to an existing campaign or create a new one.



See which items sold via Promoted Listings

Now, within the orders section in Seller Hub, you will be able to see which items sold through Promoted Listings all in one single place, making it a one-stop shop for all your sales tracking needs.

With these two features, it’s now faster and easier to use Promoted Listings this holiday season. Be sure to build some Promoted Listings campaigns into your holiday promotions strategy for increased visibility.  Check out your promoted listings sales in Seller Hub today! Happy selling on eBay.

1eBay 1st Party Data – Amount of searches on eBay during 11/27/17 – 12/31/17

2comScore Media Metrix – Dec 2017, US