If It’s Happening During the Holidays, It’s Happening on eBay

Fall isn’t simply the kickoff to pumpkin spice everything, falling leaves, and the MLB playoffs. It’s the time of year audiences start thinking about holiday travel, who’s hosting family traditions and what they’re planning to gift that special someone. The holiday season is here whether we’re ready or not, and if it’s happening during the holidays, it’s happening on eBay!

What do the holidays on eBay mean for you as a marketer? They mean being able to engage consumers in the holiday shopping mindset. eBay knows exactly how consumers browse, buy and sell thanks to first-party real intent data. We also know when they’re likely to begin their search – when brand influence can begin – by looking at search behaviors pre-and-post ad exposure. Real intent data drives real success for brands making eBay the perfect platform to engage consumers in the holiday spirit at scale. Here’s a glimpse into the holidays on eBay.

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Buzz-worthy Moments Lead to Massive Reach on eBay

July has become the new November thanks to commerce-fueled can’t miss deals on the hottest items of the season.  From daily, weekly to month-long sales, consumers are lining up in high-demand to take advantage.  For brands, this means accessing the widest possible shopping audience in one place. Benefit from increased site traffic, massive shopper engagement, and buzz-worthy moments on eBay.  Thinking about taking advantage of all the excitement?  Align with these key search categories and purchases to engage consumers at scale and drive intent.


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May the 4th Be With You is Happening on eBay

It’s that time of year when Star Wars fans celebrate a cultural moment they’re passionate about, May the 4th. Learn more about the power of the force on eBay.

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Love. It’s happening on eBay

It’s time to shop for those you love as we celebrate the holiday of love. Everyone from the Last Minute Lover to the Romantic at Heart are shopping for that perfect gift on eBay this time of year. Learn more about who are Valentine’s Day Shoppers are and what they’re shopping for.

Love. It's happening on eBay. Infographic

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Smartphones Are Siri-ously Popular on eBay

eBay has a tech savvy audiences who love their smartphones, a lot. Telco shoppers come to eBay for all their smartphone needs and spend a lot of time researching and comparing products making it a perfect place for brands to reach these engaged audiences. Learn more about what they’re shopping behaviors are in this infographic.

Spotlighting eBay’s Star Entertainment Audiences

If it’s happening on the big screen, red carpet or in the comic books, then it’s happening on eBay. Shoppers go to eBay to find more of what they love, and this year they loved all things entertainment. Learn more about the Entertainment Shopper trends that happened on eBay in 2018.

If it’s happening with Millennials, it’s happening on eBay

eBay Advertising has a great pulse on our audiences through our shopper’s behaviors on site. In fact, through their shopping behaviors, we can tell a lot about what’s trending with them and what brands they love. Learn more about what Millennials are doing on eBay in our latest infographic.

New Year, New Campaign

New Year means new campaigns, new strategies and new audience tactics. This is the time of year where shoppers are looking to purchase items that will help propel them to their goals. Brands can connect with New Year’s shoppers on eBay to make a splash in 2019.    

Super Bowl Happens on eBay

eBay shoppers get all their Super Bowl needs in one place. This is a great time to connect your brand with those who are passionate and engaged football enthusiasts. Learn more about what’s happening on eBay during the Super Bowl here.