We understand how important it is for brands to spend their digital advertising budget on ads that reach audiences in the purchasing mindset during moments that matter the most.

That’s why we leverage Shop-Alike targeting, a machine learning data science model that identifies and expands the list of users with a high likelihood to purchase. We recently partnered with a top fashion brand and leveraged Shop-Alike targeting and other key targeting tactics, to drive a 6:1 ROAS. 

We use artificial intelligence and big data to learn how people move at a granular scale to better connect consumers with brands and businesses. Our wealth of data, accumulated from 171 million shoppers with over 104M monthly hours of shopping data [1], enables us to deliver personalized, micro targeted messaging.

Learn more below about how we helped this brand reach consumers by targeting them with ads at the exact locations where they were already spending ample time with their wallets out.

This case study is a great example of how partnering with eBay Advertising allows brands to tap into our rich data set to build out an effective ad campaign strategy that delivers strong results. 

1eBay First Party Data, Q1 2018.