Fall isn’t simply the kickoff to pumpkin spice everything, falling leaves, and the MLB playoffs. It’s the time of year audiences start thinking about holiday travel, who’s hosting family traditions and what they’re planning to gift that special someone. The holiday season is here whether we’re ready or not, and if it’s happening during the holidays, it’s happening on eBay!

What do the holidays on eBay mean for you as a marketer? They mean being able to engage consumers in the holiday shopping mindset. eBay knows exactly how consumers browse, buy and sell thanks to first-party real intent data. We also know when they’re likely to begin their search – when brand influence can begin – by looking at search behaviors pre-and-post ad exposure. Real intent data drives real success for brands making eBay the perfect platform to engage consumers in the holiday spirit at scale. Here’s a glimpse into the holidays on eBay.


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