by: Josh Wetzel, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, eBay Advertising

December is upon us— which means retailers and marketers like you have been hard at work for months devising your holiday advertising strategies. To help you put the finishing touches on your holiday planning, we’ve made list, and checked it twice. We hope these 4 keys to success help guide you into Q4 and through the festive season.

Target the Early Birds

The most eager customers plan their holiday shopping early in order to score better deals than those waiting until the last minute. While many shoppers plan their holiday gift-giving prior to Black Friday, there are still several important shopping days left in the season. Cater to holiday shoppers on Green Monday (December 11), Free Shipping Day (December 15), Christmas Eve (December 24), Super Saturday (December 23), or New Year’s Eve (December 31).

Big shopping days give advertisers a prime opportunity to target these consumers, as digital interactions generally influence 66% of shoppers in-store purchases. Tease holiday deals early on in the month and before your competitors to reap the benefits of driving sales.

Make Data Work For You

Many advertisers work hard to collect information, and as a result can find it difficult to let go of the numbers. Data is a valuable tool, but more data is not always better. For smart advertisers, the right data with the deepest context about shoppers is what’s really crucial.

Make sure you are leveraging powerful analytics tools to get the most value from your data, allowing you to build advertising campaigns and seize prime opportunities. For example, while there is a great opportunity to target customers based on location data, only 22% of marketers take advantage of hyper-local advertising.

Care About Your Customer

Resonating with customers is the most important role of advertising. When it comes to the shopping journey, consider how to build up a foundation of brand loyalty. A customized shopping experience or personalized engagement can make all the difference to shoppers.

While this can sound like a big investment, remember that 80% of consumers look to recommendations from third parties when making a purchase, and 43.5% of Millenials use social media to spread the word about products or services they like.

Be Mobile

Consumers today are glued to their smartphones and mobile devices, especially when shopping. In fact, 79% of Americans today regularly shop online, while 51% have made a purchase on a mobile phone.

Keeping these numbers in mind, is it extremely important that holiday ads translate well from a desktop computer to mobile device, making a seamless experience for shoppers instead of a headache. Be sure to test your ads across digital formats, and take special care to ensure your content makes sense for mobile.