When looking for the right ecommerce company to partner with, you may discover a sea of options. This type of partnership is all about finding the right fit for your brand. An ideal partner should offer unique consumer insights, with consistent results and reliable data.

We have compiled our top 5 tips for choosing the right ecommerce platform and taking your marketing efforts to the next level.

1. Online retail sites are fruitful territory.
Large online marketplaces and ecommerce sites are the ideal location to develop and grow your brand. A recent study showed that 79 percent of Americans now shop online, with 51 percent having made a purchase on a mobile phone.

The most passionate and avid shoppers are now online, and getting in front of them at the right time in their journey is crucial. This is where shopper and path-to-purchase insights like demographics and browsing behavior becomes important. This data allows your brand to not only reach a large audience, but target the right customers for you.

The most robust commerce platforms, like eBay, gather important data from logged-in shoppers, which they pass along to brand partners.

2. The shopping journey is equally as important as the destination.
eBay has researched how customers shop, identifying four stages of the journey from initial browsing to final purchase. Understanding this model is crucial to not only being seen by shoppers, but joining their journey at the right moment for the highest impact. When you start your sales and marketing plan, look at research from your ecommerce partner, and strive to give your brand a cross-channel presence. Remember, being noticed across digital platforms is important, because this is how your customers shop.

3. Leverage the perfect seasonal moments.
A huge part of online shopping is the calendar year, chock full of exciting events, holidays, and gift-giving celebrations. Stay in touch with your shoppers by identifying the right moment to represent your brand, when they are most likely to browse and shop.

4. Strive to disrupt the crowded and competitive online marketplace.
Choosing the perfect ecommerce partner is crucial in the crowded marketplace of online shops and retailers. The right teammate should leverage essential data and identify the best marketing tools for your brand. This partner should allow your company to shine online, while protecting your brand image and offering invaluable security.

5. Don’t forget the power of data.
In the world of ecommerce, knowledge is power. The more data that can be gained about shoppers, the easier it is to strategize successfully. Insights are key to better understanding your customers, allowing you to provide a personalized, memorable marketing experience. Be sure to choose an ecommerce partner that can provide the data best aligned to your brand.

For more information about what eBay can offer as a marketing partner, download our free Guide here.