Audience activation for your specific needs

With our data, we’re constantly building new, turnkey audience segments, as well as custom ones, that help our partners connect with their perfect audience.

  • Essential Audiences: 900+ evergreen audience segments across multiple categories.
  • Shop-Alike Audiences: Engage a new audience of consumers by targeting users that behave like your existing customers.
  • Custom Audiences: Build your own custom segments based on your unique needs.

Actionable insights for your brand

eBay has a front row seat to 108 million unique shopping journeys each month. We know how each user browses, discovers, buys and sells on the platform, giving advertisers unmatched, data-driven consumer insights to set their campaigns up to win.

Personalize with data

The deep level of audience data we have provides our advertisers with the ability to take a more personalized and humanistic approach to advertising.

Data that delivers smarter campaigns

We share actionable and rich purchase funnel data and audience insights to execute smarter campaigns

  • Top Keywords Driving Conversions
  • Demographics
  • Cross Shopping Conversion
  • Most Effective Targeting and Tactics