eBay Advanced Audience Technology is Here.

The future of audience targeting, the eBay way.

eBay Advanced Audience Technology is Here.

Proprietary, server-to-server, technology powered by first-party real intent data.

  • Increased Reach and Precision: Eliminating DMP match rates extends reach by up to 3x.
  • Never Miss a Single Shopping Moment: Realtime audience activation with fewer than 5 minutes from request to reach. Target your audience in their first eBay shopping session.
  • Future-Proofed for a Cookie-less World: Our targeting is based on user IDs. We don’t depend on cookies to connect you to your audience across all platforms.

40% of Americans Shop on eBay1

U.S. monthly uniques1

Global Buyers in Q1 2020

eBay Inc. GMV in Q1 2020

eBay is perfectly positioned to help advertisers achieve success

eBay is perfectly positioned to help advertisers achieve success

We know how each user buys, sells, browses, and discovers on the platform, giving advertisers unmatched, intent- based consumer insights to set their campaigns up to win. To help drive real results, our premium advertising solutions help you connect your message with your consumers, all within a brand-safe and high quality environment.

  • Drive Brand Awareness
  • Reach Qualified Buyers
  • Convert Your Audience

Your brand is in good hands on eBay

As the pioneer in digital marketplaces, eBay has built immense trust among our community of buyers and sellers. This level of trust is also reflected in our advertising business, giving advertisers huge piece of mind with our brand safe environment.

Passion shops here

eBay is where passion meets intent. We provide the seamless, intent-based transaction of commerce while creating a richly visual, serendipitous, and relevant shopping experience that helps people pursue their passions.